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Provenzale Dental is not a high volume dental practice. We are dedicated to providing individual attention. We do not overbook our patients, or book appointments to maximize efficiency for our own sake. For this reason, we are usually very punctual in seeing our patients. From time to time, however, situations arise which are beyond our control. Since our policy is to treat immediately anyone suffering with pain, occasionally we cannot see patients as scheduled. If for some reason we are running behind in our schedule, be assured that we respect your time, and will make every effort to contact any affected patients so that no one will not have to wait unnecessarily.

Since we do not overbook, please keep in mind that the Doctor’s time which has been set aside for you, is for you, and you alone. Because of this, we require at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, for appointments of one-half hour, and at least three days for cancellation of appointments of one hour or more. Failure to notify us within this time frame will result in the assessment of a fee of $50.00 per half-hour of office time, in order to defray costs.

Please also be aware that although we accept most insurances, we do not necessarily accept some insurance companies’ pre-determined fee schedules, which they misleadingly refer to as “usual and customary.” While we do have agreements with some insurance carriers, generally speaking, however, the agreement exists between the patient and insurance company only, and we do not allow insurance companies to dictate our fees. Because of this, payment is expected at the time that services is rendered unless prior arrangements have been made with the Doctor, or Betty, our business manager.

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