As with many things in our lives we often take our teeth for granted until a problem arises.  The incidence of most dental diseases, however, can be significantly reduced by taking preventive measures.  This includes regular oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing, and also dental cleanings & check-ups.  Most problems with the teeth and gums are preceded by warning signs which can be detected by a dental professional, and if addressed early, can ward off more serious and expensive problems in the future.  Professional cleanings are very important because even though you may think that your oral hygiene is impeccable, there are many areas which you may be consistently missing when you brush and floss.

Also, in the process of examining your mouth, a dentist will look for signs of oral cancer or other signs of systemic disease that can manifest themselves in the mouth.  Diseases as diverse as leukemia and lead poisoning can often be detected before any other noticeable symptoms arise.