COVID-19 Antibody Testing & Safety Measures

True excellence has always been a the hallmark of our practice. We care deeply for our patients and we have gone above and beyond to ensure your health and safety.

We are pleased to announce that our office far exceeds infection control recommendations made by the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

This includes:

  1. Covid testing analyzer ON -SITE (one of only a handful of area Dental OR Medical offices, yields results in about 10 minutes). www.immunostics.com
  2. Pre-screening and temperature-check of all patients and staff upon entering premises.
  3. Treatment rooms will be immediately disinfected using a germicidal UV (ultraviolet) light following each patient visit.
  4. Rigorous surface disinfection following each patient visit.
  5. Germicidal fogging of treatment rooms following each patient visit.
  6. Commercial-grade germicidal UV disinfection of the entire office ventilation system to ensure highest air quality. www.freshairuv.com.
  7. Individual ionizing HEPA purifiers in each treatment room. www.hathaspace.com.
  8. Use of a non-toxic germicidal additive to water lines.
  9. Regular antibody testing of all staff members.
  10. Use of n95 masks worn by all staff.
  11. Completely separate and private treatment rooms for all patients.

COVID-19 Antibody Test

Limited courtesy offering to patients of record – only $50. (Normally a $170 cost)

Our analyzer yields the most accurate test results on the market in only 10 minutes. It can distinguish between active infections and long-term immunity. (The standard tests administered at the community and drug-store health centers, called PCR testing, only detects active infection.)